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Code/Script Modules Available From the CVS Repository

Click on the module name link to download copies of the documentation for those programs in gzipped postscript.

Module Label Primary Author Description
wasp0 Pipeline Team Main SuperWASP pipeline, collected scripts and f77 codes
superwasp Pipeline Team Supporting scripts for running the pipeline and manipulating the data
PPWASP_CVS_3stage_v0_3_0_0 RAS, ACC Pipeline post-processing code
WASP_Docs Pipeline Team Documents describing the pipeline and standard data formats used
swaspvf TAL Variable star identification & characterisation tool
wasptf RAS Transit detection code
tamuz_pa BE Implementation of Tamuz algorithm
examlc RAS SW-format examination tool for lightcurves
arc2cube RAS Tool to convert a set of archive per-star FITS files into a datacube (for Tamuz, examlc etc)
pipe2cube RAS Tool to convert a set of pipeline per-image FITS tables into a datacube (for Tamuz, examlc, etc)
arc2txt RAS Tool to convert an archive per-star FITS file to an ASCII file (can be used in batch mode)

List of Fields

Generated by TAL from the master catalogue at St.Andrews. Includes pointings for non-standard fields observed early in the 2004 first observing season. Fields


Comparison Field for Transit Hunters

Phaseplotted results for field SW1243+3126
Template candidates summary file
Comparison test of visual inspection of Huntsman results. Please download both files, and complete the 'Notes' column in the summary file with your impressions of each candidate. This is a visual inspection of candidates based on the lightcurve, period, amplitude etc data only prior to further selection with VSI information.

wasp@st. andrews
SW-S live Status

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