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Steering Group

The steering group for SuperWASP will consist of one member nominated from each institution.

Carole Haswell, Open University
Coel Hellier, University of Keele
Simon Hodgkin, University of Cambridge
Andrew Collier Cameron, Keith Horne, University of St. Andrews
Peter Wheatley, University of Leicester
Ian Skillen, ING
Don Pollacco, Queen's University of Belfast
Rachel Street, Queen's University of Belfast

Steering Committee Meeting Notes

Telecon, Wednesday 10th May 2006 (gzipped Word document)
Telecon, Wednesday 10th May 2006 (gzipped PDF)
Telecon, Thursday 6th Oct 2005 (gzipped PDF)
Meeting at The Open University, Milton Keynes, Monday 4th Jul 2005 (gzipped postscript)
Telecon, Thursday 28th Apr 2005 (gzipped postscript)
Telecon, Tuesday 22nd Mar 2005 (gzipped postscript)
Telecon, Thursday 24th Feb 2005 (gzipped postscript)
Meeting, Surrey Satellites, Guildford, Wednesday 12th January 2005 (PDF format)
Telecon, Friday, 1st October 2004 (postscript format)
Telecon, Tuesday, 31st August 2004 (ASCII format)
Meeting, Monday 9th August 2004, Keele University
Telecon, Friday 2nd July 2004, chaired by Keith Horne of St. Andrews (PDF format)
Telecon, Friday 2nd July 2004, chaired by Keith Horne of St. Andrews (MSWORD format)
Meeting in Belfast, Wednesday 18th February 2004 (minutes, MSWORD format) (actions, MSWORD format)


Discussion Documents

  • Pete Wheatley's discussion of transients

  • Forthcoming Conferences

  • Transiting Extra-solar Planets Workshop, 25th-28th Sept. 2006, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Contributions from SuperWASPers:
    Status of SuperWASP-South, David Anderson, Keele University
    Presentation of separate RV work, Stephen Kane, Univ. of Florida
    Candidate Selection/VSI, David Wilson, Keele University
    Discussion of detection algorithm+candidates, Rachel Street, QUB et al.
    Analysis of Noise in photometric SuperWASP data, Alexis Smith, Univ. of St. Andrews

  • wasp@leicester
    wasp@st. andrews
    SW-S live Status

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