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SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ002040.07+315923.7
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.8
Distance from Earth1234 Light Years
WASP-1 Spectral TypeF7V
WASP-1 Photospheric Temperature 6110K
WASP-1 Radius1.45 ± 0.010.01 Solar Radii
WASP-1 Mass1.22 ± 0.010.01 Solar Masses
WASP-1b Radius1.42 ± 0.020.01 Jupiter Radii
WASP-1b Mass0.85 ± 0.070.07 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0387 AU
Orbital Period2.520 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1816 K
Mid-point of Transit 2453998.19241 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ203054.12+062546.4
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.9
Distance from Earth470 Light Years
WASP-2 Spectral TypeK1V
WASP-2 Photospheric Temperature 5080K
WASP-2 Radius0.81 ± 0.020.02 Solar Radii
WASP-2 Mass0.86 ± 0.020.02 Solar Masses
WASP-2b Radius1.05 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Radii
WASP-2b Mass0.89 ± 0.030.03 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0310 AU
Orbital Period2.152 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1235 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454002.27540 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ183431.62+353941.4
Apparent Visual Magnitude10.6
Distance from Earth730 Light Years
WASP-3 Spectral TypeF7V
WASP-3 Photospheric Temperature 6400K
WASP-3 Radius1.14 ± 0.050.05 Solar Radii
WASP-3 Mass1.19 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-3b Radius1.13 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-3b Mass1.81 ± 0.100.09 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0312 AU
Orbital Period1.847 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1868 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454199.25544 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ233415.06-420341.1
Apparent Visual Magnitude12.6
Distance from Earth850 Light Years
WASP-4 Spectral TypeG7V
WASP-4 Photospheric Temperature 5500K
WASP-4 Radius0.90 ± 0.020.02 Solar Radii
WASP-4 Mass0.97 ± 0.040.04 Solar Masses
WASP-4b Radius1.35 ± 0.030.02 Jupiter Radii
WASP-4b Mass1.30 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0235 AU
Orbital Period1.338 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1646 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454699.13564 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ235723.74-411637.5
Apparent Visual Magnitude12.3
Distance from Earth970 Light Years
WASP-5 Spectral TypeG4V
WASP-5 Photospheric Temperature 5700K
WASP-5 Radius1.04 ± 0.030.04 Solar Radii
WASP-5 Mass1.03 ± 0.040.04 Solar Masses
WASP-5b Radius1.11 ± 0.040.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-5b Mass1.62 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0273 AU
Orbital Period1.628 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1699 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454600.34775 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ231237.75-224026.1
Apparent Visual Magnitude12.4
Distance from Earth1000 Light Years
WASP-6 Spectral TypeG8V
WASP-6 Photospheric Temperature 5450K
WASP-6 Radius0.95 ± 0.040.03 Solar Radii
WASP-6 Mass0.94 ± 0.020.02 Solar Masses
WASP-6b Radius1.37 ± 0.060.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-6b Mass0.50 ± 0.030.02 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0430 AU
Orbital Period3.361 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1237 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454619.95953 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ204410.22-391330.9
Apparent Visual Magnitude9.7
Distance from Earth490 Light Years
WASP-7 Spectral TypeF5V
WASP-7 Photospheric Temperature 6400K
WASP-7 Radius1.17 ± 0.060.05 Solar Radii
WASP-7 Mass1.19 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-7b Radius0.82 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Radii
WASP-7b Mass0.89 ± 0.110.11 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0603 AU
Orbital Period4.955 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1360 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454480.48070 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ235936.07-350152.9
Apparent Visual Magnitude9.9
Distance from Earth280 Light Years
WASP-8 Spectral TypeG6
WASP-8 Photospheric Temperature 5600K
WASP-8 Radius0.96 ± 0.040.03 Solar Radii
WASP-8 Mass1.00 ± 0.020.03 Solar Masses
WASP-8b Radius1.08 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-8b Mass2.18 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0792 AU
Orbital Period8.159 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)939 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454630.38212 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ231558.30+312746.4
Apparent Visual Magnitude12.7
Distance from Earth300 Light Years
WASP-10 Spectral TypeK5
WASP-10 Photospheric Temperature 4675K
WASP-10 Radius0.69 ± 0.020.01 Solar Radii
WASP-10 Mass0.79 ± 0.030.02 Solar Masses
WASP-10b Radius1.05 ± 0.030.03 Jupiter Radii
WASP-10b Mass3.18 ± 0.080.08 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0384 AU
Orbital Period3.093 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)952 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454630.01235 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ030928.54+304024.7
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.9
Distance from Earth290 Light Years
WASP-11 Spectral TypeK3
WASP-11 Photospheric Temperature 4800K
WASP-11 Radius0.85 ± 0.040.04 Solar Radii
WASP-11 Mass0.82 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-11b Radius1.07 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-11b Mass0.61 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0440 AU
Orbital Period3.722 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1017 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454473.05592 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ063032.79+294020.4
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.7
Distance from Earth870 Light Years
WASP-12 Spectral TypeG0
WASP-12 Photospheric Temperature 6350K
WASP-12 Radius1.58 ± 0.050.05 Solar Radii
WASP-12 Mass1.29 ± 0.040.04 Solar Masses
WASP-12b Radius1.83 ± 0.060.07 Jupiter Radii
WASP-12b Mass1.39 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0226 AU
Orbital Period1.091 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)2564 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454549.35857 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ092024.70+335256.6
Apparent Visual Magnitude10.7
Distance from Earth510 Light Years
WASP-13 Spectral TypeF9
WASP-13 Photospheric Temperature 5830K
WASP-13 Radius1.22 ± 0.020.02 Solar Radii
WASP-13 Mass1.11 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-13b Radius1.08 ± 0.020.02 Jupiter Radii
WASP-13b Mass0.46 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0540 AU
Orbital Period4.353 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1356 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454617.85579 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ143306.35+215340.9
Apparent Visual Magnitude9.9
Distance from Earth570 Light Years
WASP-14 Spectral TypeF5
WASP-14 Photospheric Temperature 6475K
WASP-14 Radius1.31 ± 0.040.04 Solar Radii
WASP-14 Mass1.23 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-14b Radius1.26 ± 0.050.04 Jupiter Radii
WASP-14b Mass7.40 ± 0.140.13 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0360 AU
Orbital Period2.244 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1882 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454827.06649 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ135542.70-320934.6
Apparent Visual Magnitude10.9
Distance from Earth1000 Light Years
WASP-15 Spectral TypeF5
WASP-15 Photospheric Temperature 6300K
WASP-15 Radius1.53 ± 0.100.11 Solar Radii
WASP-15 Mass1.22 ± 0.030.04 Solar Masses
WASP-15b Radius1.48 ± 0.100.11 Jupiter Radii
WASP-15b Mass0.54 ± 0.030.03 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0505 AU
Orbital Period3.752 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1674 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454577.19417 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ141843.92-201631.8
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.3
Distance from Earth520 Light Years
WASP-16 Spectral TypeG3V
WASP-16 Photospheric Temperature 5700K
WASP-16 Radius1.00 ± 0.040.04 Solar Radii
WASP-16 Mass1.01 ± 0.040.03 Solar Masses
WASP-16b Radius1.06 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-16b Mass0.84 ± 0.030.03 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0420 AU
Orbital Period3.119 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1339 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454578.19184 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ155950.94-280342.3
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.6
Distance from Earth1300 Light Years
WASP-17 Spectral TypeF6
WASP-17 Photospheric Temperature 6550K
WASP-17 Radius1.36 ± 0.150.11 Solar Radii
WASP-17 Mass1.24 ± 0.040.03 Solar Masses
WASP-17b Radius1.66 ± 0.200.15 Jupiter Radii
WASP-17b Mass0.49 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0506 AU
Orbital Period3.735 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1637 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454581.59423 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ013725.03-454040.3
Apparent Visual Magnitude9.3
Distance from Earth320 Light Years
WASP-18 Spectral TypeF6
WASP-18 Photospheric Temperature 6400K
WASP-18 Radius1.30 ± 0.070.17 Solar Radii
WASP-18 Mass1.21 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-18b Radius1.20 ± 0.080.19 Jupiter Radii
WASP-18b Mass10.15 ± 0.220.25 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0200 AU
Orbital Period0.941 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)2481 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454603.71094 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ095340.13-453933.1
Apparent Visual Magnitude12.6
Distance from Earth800 Light Years
WASP-19 Spectral TypeG8V
WASP-19 Photospheric Temperature 5500K
WASP-19 Radius0.92 ± 0.030.03 Solar Radii
WASP-19 Mass0.98 ± 0.020.03 Solar Masses
WASP-19b Radius1.27 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-19b Mass1.18 ± 0.030.03 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0166 AU
Orbital Period0.789 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1976 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454776.12621 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ230958.23+182346.0
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.6
Distance from Earth750 Light Years
WASP-21 Spectral TypeG3V
WASP-21 Photospheric Temperature 5800K
WASP-21 Radius1.06 ± 0.040.04 Solar Radii
WASP-21 Mass1.01 ± 0.020.03 Solar Masses
WASP-21b Radius1.07 ± 0.050.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-21b Mass0.30 ± 0.010.01 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0521 AU
Orbital Period4.322 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1270 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454743.04185 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ033116.32-234911.0
Apparent Visual Magnitude12.0
Distance from Earth980 Light Years
WASP-22 Spectral TypeG1
WASP-22 Photospheric Temperature 6000K
WASP-22 Radius1.13 ± 0.040.03 Solar Radii
WASP-22 Mass1.11 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-22b Radius1.12 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Radii
WASP-22b Mass0.56 ± 0.020.02 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0470 AU
Orbital Period3.533 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1422 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454780.25037 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ150851.72+022036.1
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.3
Distance from Earth1080 Light Years
WASP-24 Spectral TypeF8-9
WASP-24 Photospheric Temperature 6075K
WASP-24 Radius1.15 ± 0.040.05 Solar Radii
WASP-24 Mass1.13 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-24b Radius1.10 ± 0.050.06 Jupiter Radii
WASP-24b Mass1.03 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0359 AU
Orbital Period2.341 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1679 K
Mid-point of Transit 2455062.64961 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ130126.36-273120.0
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.9
Distance from Earth550 Light Years
WASP-25 Spectral TypeG4
WASP-25 Photospheric Temperature 5750K
WASP-25 Radius0.95 ± 0.040.04 Solar Radii
WASP-25 Mass1.00 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-25b Radius1.26 ± 0.060.06 Jupiter Radii
WASP-25b Mass0.58 ± 0.040.04 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0487 AU
Orbital Period3.765 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1231 K
Mid-point of Transit 2455259.93733 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ001824.70-151602.3
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.3
Distance from Earth815 Light Years
WASP-26 Spectral TypeG0
WASP-26 Photospheric Temperature 5950K
WASP-26 Radius1.34 ± 0.060.06 Solar Radii
WASP-26 Mass1.12 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-26b Radius1.32 ± 0.080.08 Jupiter Radii
WASP-26b Mass1.02 ± 0.030.03 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0400 AU
Orbital Period2.757 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1586 K
Mid-point of Transit 2455129.14961 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ233427.87-013448.1
Apparent Visual Magnitude12.0
Distance from Earth1090 Light Years
WASP-28 Spectral TypeF8-G0
WASP-28 Photospheric Temperature 6100K
WASP-28 Radius1.05 ± 0.060.06 Solar Radii
WASP-28 Mass1.08 ± 0.040.04 Solar Masses
WASP-28b Radius1.12 ± 0.060.06 Jupiter Radii
WASP-28b Mass0.91 ± 0.060.06 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0455 AU
Orbital Period3.409 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1410 K
Mid-point of Transit 2455116.55025 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ235131.08-395424.2
Apparent Visual Magnitude11.3
Distance from Earth260 Light Years
WASP-29 Spectral TypeK4V
WASP-29 Photospheric Temperature 4800K
WASP-29 Radius0.86 ± 0.040.04 Solar Radii
WASP-29 Mass0.86 ± 0.020.02 Solar Masses
WASP-29b Radius0.74 ± 0.060.06 Jupiter Radii
WASP-29b Mass0.25 ± 0.020.02 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0456 AU
Orbital Period3.923 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)1034 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454249.33037 HJD



SWASP Identifier1SWASPJ022651.05+373301.7
Apparent Visual Magnitude8.3
Distance from Earth378 Light Years
WASP-33 Spectral TypeA5
WASP-33 Photospheric Temperature 7400K
WASP-33 Radius1.44 ± 0.030.03 Solar Radii
WASP-33 Mass1.50 ± 0.030.03 Solar Masses
WASP-33b Radius1.56 ± 0.070.05 Jupiter Radii
WASP-33b Mass1.11 ± 1.110.73 Jupiter Masses
Orbital Distance0.0256 AU
Orbital Period1.220 Earth Days
Planetary Equilibrium Temp. (A = 0)2736 K
Mid-point of Transit 2454163.22384 HJD

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